Investigate invisible radon with radon testing in Wyandotte, Southgate & Taylor, MI

You can't sense it, but it can still cause you and your family harm. Radon, an odorless and invisible gas, is a serious health risk that is found in many homes. Radon is considered a deadly carcinogen that can lead to cancer.

If you're buying or selling a home in Wyandotte, Southgate & Taylor, MI, schedule radon testing by Michigan Home Inspection Company, LLC. You can trust me, the owner and operator of the company, to use equipment like an electronic radon tester to determine radon levels in the home. Call 313-515-7715 to arrange for radon testing today.

Our radon testing services cost $200. 

Learn the facts about radon

Radon is present in many buildings. It comes from the soil, rocks and water as a product of the natural breakdown of uranium. At low levels, it's usually harmless.

Radon is:
✓ Common: Varying levels of radon are found across climates, cities and neighborhoods.
✓ Undetectable without tests: It has no color or odor. Radon testing is the only way to discover radon in a home.
✓ Dangerous: According to the EPA, radon exposure is a prominent cause of lung cancer (the second-leading cause after smoking, and the top cause among non-smokers).

With radon testing services, including the use of an electronic radon tester, I'll measure radon levels on the property. You'll have complete information on radon levels when you are buying or selling a home.